How to Brew Tea that Tastes like Dessert

Photo Credit: TASTE OF HOME

In my home, I’ve created an area in my kitchen that has coffee, teachino, tea bags, and syrups for flavoring. I should back up a little and start from the beginning. I find myself looking for the things that some people may not see the beauty in and then reimagining it for a different purpose. I have been gifted a little wooden box with a lid and a handle. It’s painted a color that really pops. It's a bright red-orange. It really doesn’t coordinate with any other color scheme I have but that's part of the beauty of it. I can imagine it being used in a machine shop but I really don’t know the story behind it. I took it home, wiped the dust off, gently, and started working on its new purpose in my home. I taped off the edge of the inside of the lid with painter's tape and got my trusty can of chalk paint out and painted the inside of the lid. Then it found a place in my kitchen with the things you would want to have yourself a beverage, hot or iced. In the box, there's a certain maple-flavored syrup to add to whatever creative concoction I make. Enter apple cinnamon tea. I have brewed a lot of this lately because as the title of this blog leads you to believe, it tastes like dessert. I brew one or two tea bags depending on the size of the cup and add the maple-flavored syrup to taste. I’ll include the links for the two exact products below. The Lakanto maple syrup is sugar-free because it uses monk fruit sweetener, making it ideal for the keto diet, low carb, and diabetics. So, tell me, what is your favorite tea and syrup combination? Let me know in the comments on this page.



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