A Product Review

In the process of setting up the house, I opened a box and found a product I had packed away that I was given. It is advertised as Egglettes and it promises to cook hard-boiled eggs without the shell. I was hungry and thought the time was right to give it a go. The package has four silicone cups with little feet and plastic screw-on lids. You drop one egg in each individual cup and screw the lid on. Then put it in a pan that has water to have reached a temperature of a roiling boil. As a working college student, any food that is easy and cheap sounds attractive.

During cooking, pressure built up and one lid popped off (oh my!). My pan was too big so I couldn’t make the cups stand upright which made a less than perfectly shaped hardboiled egg. With having the little cups floating on their side, my aesthetic mind couldn't just let that happen. I got my glass blender bowl and it put it in the middle and proceeded to find tongs and scissors to grip the little cups and hopefully sit them upright while there is boiling hot water. Immediately, the egg white started coming out even with the lids being screw on tight. Note to self, try a smaller pan and turn the temperature down so the lid doesn’t pop off.

The eggs were definitely hard-boiled and they tasted good but not the most attractive looking because they had cooked on their side mostly as a result of floating in the water. The final result is that I would try to make these again but learn from the first time by reducing the temperature and using a smaller pan. What do you think? Would you give this product a second chance?


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