Review: Non-Dairy Cheese

Jana Flora
2 min readJan 18, 2021
My opinion: Non-Dairy Cheese

This blog post is completely cheesy (in a good way). I wanted to write a post about my non-dairy cheese experience. I’ll list the price comparison, the main ingredient that gives it substance, and my opinion of the three that I have tried. I’m writing about Daiya, Soy Sation, and Chao.

Daiya- They have the most variety of cheese products (plus other easy to grab products, like pizza & mac and cheese). They also have the most variety of flavors. I have recently purchased their pepper jack shreds for my taco-inspired salad. The ingredients that are used as a filler are tapioca starch, chickpea, and potato protein. This brand is a bit more challenging to achieve the perfect melted cheese look without burning your food. Where I usually get groceries, they only have the block or shreds available so that is a little inconvenient. The price point is the middle ground when comparing these three brands and I don’t really get a taste from it so it may be more of an emotional buying because most of us all like cheese in or on our food.

Soy Sation-I brought the pre sliced cheddar package when I was tired and busy at the grocery for my sandwiches. I kind of regretted it after I remembered I decided to avoid soy products but I am eating it anyway. I recently made a grilled cheese sandwich with it, and, as the packaging promises, it certainly does melt. The substance for this one is soy starch and potato protein powder. This sliced cheese is the cheapest brand of all of these three and the melting factor is on point.

Chao brand-Occasionally, I’ll buy the tomato cayenne flavor because it’s just too good not to. The substance with this product is fermented tofu. If you are wondering about the price point, it is the most expensive of the three brands mentioned here. It is only available in slices where I usually shop at so it is a splurge product for sure. The taste is on point though. I would probably buy more Chao if it was cheaper and they had more flavors and styles.

So, tell me, do you have a favorite cheese flavor or a favorite brand?